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Women T-Shirts Frequently Asked Questions

There are many different ways to fold your t-shirts. If you want to fold a t-shirt for packing, it is often best to roll it up so it takes up the least amount of space. To fold flat, the simplest way is to lay the t-shirt face down, with the top of the shirt facing towards you. Fold the shirt in half from left to right, and then fold the sleeves into the middle. Fold the shirt in half from bottom to top. You can either finish there or fold it in half again. Flip the shirt over, and you're done.
Oversized tees look gorgeous with boyfriend jeans and heels, or skinny jeans and flats. You can knot your ladies' top at the side for an eye-catching look – this works really well with contrasting jeans. Or you can partially tuck your tee into your mini-skirt waistband for a cute Coachella vibe.
A classic look, it is hard to go wrong with a white t-shirt and jeans combination. Wear with sunnies and a baseball cap for a sleek sports vibe, or a long-length waistcoat and pumps for a smarter look. A crewneck tee always looks smart, but you can play with V-necks too, which can be more flattering. White tees with jeans go well with accessories – so go for statement earrings and chunky necklaces to style things up.