Rain Jackets

Rain jackets from adidas are loaded with premium outdoor technologies, giving you everything you need to see off the weather in comfort and style. Choose from sporty lightweight jackets, fashionable lifestyle raincoats and more, in a wide range of colours and sizes. If you want something that will look good in all-weathers, check out our TERREX range, featuring a huge section of colourful designs that are made to keep you dry. You’ll find rain jackets that are made for hiking, winter sports, trail running and more. RAIN.RDY and GORE-TEX waterproof membranes keep the water out reliably, while our raincoats with WIND.RDY technology will also keep out chilling winds that lead to discomfort. Many of our designs are made sustainably, using recycled materials like Primegreen, so you can enjoy the outdoors in the knowledge that you’re doing right by the environment.
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Let your worries wash away with an adidas rain jacket keeping you dry through the wettest conditions. From lightweight raincoats for layering up, to puffed padded coats, there’s a rain coat to suit every style and every occasion, from hiking the hills to popping to the shops. Keep the rain off your back and enjoy the drizzle with comfortable indifference.

Sport and lifestyle designs

We’ve designed a range of rain jackets for day to day life and sports. The lifestyle range helps you breeze through wet days with simple street style and durable water repellent coatings. Training, rugby and football jackets provide a warm, breathable layer perfect for slipping on before a match, or after a tough workout. The outdoor range includes our Climaproof rain jackets with seam-sealed water repellent coatings to keep you dry. Our winter sports range includes ski and snowboard jackets designed to beat the gnarliest conditions, with built in powder skirts, helmet compatible adjustable hoods and waterproof ratings of 10,000mm to help you crush the elements.

Rain style

Just because it’s raining you shouldn’t be compromising on style. Our raincoat range offers uncompromising adidas designs including our classic trefoil logo on solid colours such as blacks, blues and reds. Slim fit designs mould to your shape for a figure flattering raincoat style. Regular fits provide a blend of comfort and form. Loose fits are ideal for slipping on over layers with a wider design. Available in sizes from 2xs to 2xl, and with designs for men, women and children, finding something to keep the damp out is easy.

Don’t let the rain dampen your spirits. adidas can keep the rain off your back, with a high quality, durable and comfortable rain jacket.

Rain Jackets Frequently Asked Questions

Not all raincoats are 100% waterproof, but you can get waterproof rain jackets that are seam-sealed to make them fully waterproof.
Waterproof ratings are given in mm, based on the amount of water the fabric can withstand during a test with a tube of water with a 1 inch diameter. Rain jackets with a rating between 0mm and 1,500mm are water resistant, 1,500mm to 5,000mm is enough to designate a jacket waterproof, while 10,000mm to 20,000mm are referred to as highly waterproof.
You may have a whole in it, or the limit of its waterproofing may have been reached. It’s also possible that the dampness you feel is caused by condensation from the cooling of hot air coming from your skin.