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Our windbreaker jackets for men, women and children make dealing with challenging conditions a breeze. If you're looking for high-performance, attractive and comfortable windbreakers that live up to the hype, you're in the right place. Our half- and full-zip designs in comfortable fits are perfect for your next outdoor exercise class or training session. From now on, nothing needs get in the way of your plans. The adidas range offers performance windbreakers created using advanced woven fabric that blocks out the elements to keep you comfortable. Opt for breathable styles to prevent overheating or insulated designs if you're planning a cold-weather adventure. Windbreaker jackets are the perfect out-and-about choice for the weekend or trips away when the weather threatens to spoil your fun. You'll love their cool look and comfy fit.
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A thin coat designed to resist windchill and light rain. Cut slim, wears light, durable and quick drying - our windbreakers are functional for on and off trails. Whether you are running in the early morning, training outdoors or simply need a lightweight jacket in the summer to winter transition period - our extensive windbreaker collection is the shield you need to keep the cold weather at bay while maintaining freedom of movement. Lightweight and training windbreakers are designed for the roads ahead - keep out the chill, as you stay dry in these water-repellent and packable windbreakers. Whatever the activity, we have got you covered with breathable protection from wind and rain.


Brush off the bluster in style with an adidas windbreaker jacket to keep you warm, dry and protected from the elements. Designed to help you stay active in wet and windy conditions, our windbreaker range offers soft fleece linings, shielded water-repellent fabrics and wind-blocking materials to keep you warm through autumn days and winter rains.

Comfortable protection from the elements

From plain-cut solid polyester layers to keep out the wind, to clean cut fleece-lined wind jackets and soft hooded down jackets, our range of windproof jackets are designed for effortless style and warmth wherever you go. Durable water-repellent coatings provide comfortable resistance to light rains whilst polyester fabrics shed water easily for quick-drying in wet conditions. High necks and soft collars with fitted hoods provide full-head protection to keep your ears from getting cold. Strategically placed zip vents offer easy temperature control without reducing the jacket’s wind stopping power.

Perfect wind-free fits

Windbreaker jackets have been carefully designed to promote free movement, even if you are wearing layers and being blown around by the wind. Loose fit designs have additional room through the shoulders and chest for plenty of movement. Regular fits offer wide at the body designs, with straight silhouettes perfect as a single outer layer. Slim fits offer a tight, body-hugging warmth that keeps you cosy when worn with just a t-shirt underneath for a full jacket experience.

Stylish windbreaker jackets

Available in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes with sizes from 2xs to 3xl there’s a perfect fit for everyone. Keep out the wind as you brave the elements in an eye-catching windproof coat, with plenty of classic adidas 3-Stripes designs, modern graphics and big bold colours to choose from.

Windbreaker Jackets • Windbreakers Frequently Asked Questions

In the adidas range, the two terms are often interchangeable. However, the term ‘windbreakers’ also covers adidas half or quarter zip style windbreaker tops, while a windbreaker jacket would tend to have a full zip opening.
Windbreakers are called that because their purpose is to block out the wind. To ‘break’ it with touch wind-resistant materials so that you are comfortable when you exercise outdoors. They also may not have a full zip opening.
It depends on your needs. An adidas windbreaker is a good choice if you need a lightweight item to wear on your top half when setting off in windy weather.