Base Layers

Once you discover the sleek lines of adidas base layers and thermal clothing nothing will stop you from smashing your winter training goals. Our breathable thermals are perfect for keeping your muscles warm during outdoor HIIT sessions and resistance training in the park. As more of us enjoy the benefits of exercising outdoors, high-performance thermal clothing that stays put while allowing free movement is a worthwhile investment. Our supportive designs let you comfortably stretch and lunge and move your arms overhead without any gaping or rising up. The sweat-wicking technical fabric of our base layers keeps you warm but prevents uncomfortable overheating. With compression, slim and regular fitting options and ingenious features like reflective detailing and handily positioned pockets, you’ll find pieces to suit your exercise plan. With superior fabric technologies and streamlined designs, cold weather needn’t be a problem.
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Base Layers Frequently Asked Questions

Your adidas base layer is cold-weather clothing made to be worn next to your skin to block out the cold and to keep you comfortable and dry. While insulation keeps warmth in, modern sweat-wicking fabrics sweep away moisture from your skin.
Most adidas base layers and thermals are similar in that they are to be worn next to the skin in cold weather to keep you warm. However, thermals have more of an emphasis on warmth, while base layers may focus more on their moisture-wicking technologies.
adidas base layers are cut to fit close to the skin to trap a layer of warm air and keep you cosy. They come in regular, slim and compression fits. Choose your normal adidas sizing when buying, there’s no need to buy small. For extra muscle support choose a compression fit.