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Historic roots run deep for adidas Superstar

This range traces its roots back to 1969, when it was introduced to basketball courts as a unique low-top shoe with an all-leather upper and the iconic rubber shell toe. Its style and practicality quickly led to it dominating courts during the 70s, and as it made its journey from the courts to the streets, it never stopped innovating. With the range now including everything from shoes to clothing in men's, women's and kids’ sizing and styles, adidas Originals Superstar continues to provide iconic looks, both on and off the court.

Style and durability work together in adidas Superstar shoes

There are two main things adidas Superstar shoes are known for: their iconic 3-Stripes and clamshell toe style, and their leather upper and rubber toe providing reliable durability. It's this combination of fashion and reliability that has made it a go-to shoe for athletes and street icons since its introduction. Nowadays, you can find men's, women's and kids’ shoes in a range of colour schemes. So, whether you love the classic black-and-white look, brighter colours or an adidas 80s throwback, you can find your new favourite pair on adidas today.

Superstar clothing to match

Maybe you've already got a pair of these shoes that you love and you want to build an outfit around them. You can find clothes designed specifically for the Superstar line, such as tracksuit pants and jackets with 3-Stripes piping and colour schemes to match your favourite shoes. High-performance materials and a sleek fit provide the same style and durability that our fans have loved for half a century.