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The right gym accessories are vital for comfort and performance – little things that make a big difference. The adidas gym accessory range has got you covered with helpful, high-quality products built to protect you from distraction and let you perform at your best when challenging yourself. Give your look the perfect finishing touch and pick out premium fitness accessories that have a big impact on how you workout or train. Whether you're looking to get your kit organised, keep your head covered, your brow sweat free, or stay hydrated at all times – our fitness accessories guarantee head-to-toe organisation and a positive mindset. The adidas range of fitness accessories has all you need to get the work done in style.
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Gym & Training Accessories Frequently Asked Questions

A water bottle is an essential. Beyond that, let yourself be guided by your exercise regime. Mats are ideal for yoga, a bag for regular gym visits, and an adidas cap or visor for outdoor HIIT classes.
When you’re in the middle of a burpees set or arranging your gym kit, you’ll feel the benefit of great fitness accessories, whether an adidas headband preventing sweat from getting in your eyes, or a bag that keeps you organised.
Sweatbands will keep your hair neat and swept back from your face, therefore preventing distraction. These durable adidas headbands for working out come in a number of styles and also prevent sweat from getting in your eyes.