Kids Football Boots

Have them kick off in style, with children’s football boots from adidas. Whether sprinting down the pitch with studded cleats or weaving on the turf in flat soles, the right football boots mean everything when they are trying to master the match. Look for classic black-and-white colour palettes or electric neons to add cool energy to training or game day. Kids football shoes come with laces or in laceless slip-on variants for children, to help them find the right fit and comfort level for their personal preferences. Uppers are stretchy and breathable to keep feet fresh and cool, even in the longest of matches. Paired with cushioned socks, these children’s football boots give them the edge when they need to perform at their peak.
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Kids Football Boots Frequently Asked Questions

Kids can play football with metal studs, but some schools and clubs may not allow them so be sure to check. Metal studs are also unsuitable for some playing surfaces, such as AstroTurf and 3G turf.
When choosing a pair of kids’ football shoes, you should ensure that you get the correct size, and make sure that the shoes are suited to the playing surface they’ll be using. Firm ground shoes are suitable for standard grass pitches, artificial ground studs for AstroTurf and other artificial surfaces, and soft ground shoes are good for muddy pitches.
Though girls can wear boys’ football shoes, girls’ football shoes have a shape that is better designed for their feet in terms of shape and pressure loads.