From May 10-22, join us on the adidas Running app and do one more length for the places we play. Because for every 10 minutes you log, adidas will donate €1 to projects that provide education on sustainability and make sports facilities more resilient against extreme weather conditions – up to €1.5m.
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Swimwear that's as ready for the water as you are

Finding the right swimming gear is essential, whether you're chilling out in the pool or going for gold. If you are headed for the beach or the leisure pool, a good blend of style and comfort goes a long way, and the adidas range of swimsuits, swim shorts, and bikinis fits the bill perfectly. If you're a serious swimmer, the adidas range of clothing and accessories has everything you need to shave those few extra seconds off your best time.

Your key to unlock water-based fitness

Swimming is one of the oldest forms of exercise and sports in the world, and today it is booming in popularity, whether you're down at the pool or diving into a river or the ocean. As a recreational activity, it is thought to be at least 10,000 years old, and as a sport, it was present at the very first modern Olympic Games. You too can make a splash with adidas' unique range of swimwear and equipment for men, women, and kids, including swimsuits and bikinis. What are you waiting for? Dive in!

Style as unique as you

As well as classic adidas designs and our latest bikini drops, you'll also find a comprehensive selection of equipment and accessories, made according to the highest standards. Choose from women's and men's slides for lounging beside the pool, perfect-fit goggles that are work for both indoor pool and cold water experiences, swim caps, adidas towels, and much more.