Running shoes

Supercharge your performance with adidas running shoes, built with technology that responds to your individual running style. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced athlete, adidas has the right running shoes for you.
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Amplified innovation to create your perfect running shoes

What do you get when you mix years of running shoe expertise with super-advanced technology? adidas running shoes designed to adapt to every type of runner. When we say advanced technology, that's exactly what we mean; new Torsion systems provide you with more responsive runs, increased boost capsules give you increased energy as you take off, and 3D printed midsoles that respond and work with your foot to minimise impact. adidas running shoes for men and women give you all the support, protection, flexibility and all the style you need so you can push all your energy into your running.

Start with the right running shoes

Running shoes are your most important running partner, the vital piece of gear and the first thing you have to get right in order to achieve your goals. Whether you’re a novice runner who’s just beginning to jog or you’re running your third marathon, it’s essential to ensure you’ve got the right running shoes; the ones that feel like they were made for you and can depend on every step of the way. Selecting the running shoe that’s perfect for you is the most crucial decision a runner can make.

Running shoes for everyone

adidas have running shoes for the beginners and the experts, the novices and the athletes. There are running shoes for men and running shoes for women; shoes that adapt to individuals and safeguard your most important piece of equipment- your feet. adidas running shoes adapt to your feet and match your style so no matter who you are and how you run, adidas has the running shoes for you.

Running shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. adidas running shoes have all of the advance technology to keep your feet comfortable and supported, no matter the speed.
A stability running shoe is one with specialized support to keep your foot in a neutral position if you over pronate with your natural gait.
It depends on the type of running you're doing. For example, adidas has lightweight running shoes that keep up with your need for speed and are the go-to choice for intervals and speed training.
It depends on the type of running you're doing. For example, adidas has lightweight running shoes that keep up with your need for speed and are the go-to choice for intervals and speed training.
Training shoes or gym shoes are built for a wide range of movement, especially side-to-side or lateral movement. If extreme cushioning and energy-return is what you’re looking for, adidas training shoes with Boost and Bounce midsoles have you covered.