White Shoes

Clean and crisp, our range of white shoes and boots offers a stand-out combination of fashion flair and performance design. Adding a pair of fresh white shoes to your wardrobe elevates your style in the blink of an eye. Whether you're heading out to meet friends or setting off for the gym, these kicks'll pop. Explore the full adidas range of white shoes in classic and modern styles. With looks adapted to a multitude of different sports and activities, experience the advanced technologies and enduringly helpful design features you've come to expect from adidas. With white boots in full grain and faux leather as well as designs with breathable, lightweight and waterproof technologies, we really have got every base covered. Browse to find your purely perfect pair today.

White Shoes Frequently Asked Questions

Whatever your style you can always make room for a pair of white shoes or boots in your wardrobe. Be it for sport or pairing with jeans or a summer dress, white shoes will remain eternally cool.
Off the court, white shoes deliver reliable style with tons of different looks throughout the year. There’s no need to wait until spring or summer. Pair with jeans or even shorts and skirts. A pair of well-known or fashion-forward white shoes can be the talking point of your outfit and elevate your whole look.
Yes you can. Comfortable adidas white shoes are best worn with slimmer jeans that aren’t too long, so the whole shoe can be seen.