Cycling clothes

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Technologies and styles of cycling clothes

Our collections feature a cycling range perfect for road, gravel, commuting or indoor biking. The shoes feature reflective elements that can help with weather conditions and a hard sole that helps with energy efficiency and comfort. Our jacket collection features garments that will protect you from wind, rain or cold and which are compact enough to easily be stored in your pocket, if not needed anymore. Our cycling shorts and tops are lightweight and breathable, featuring moisture-absorbing materials, with plenty of pockets for your valuables and no loose fabric to impede your movements and speed while you’re trying to achieve your PRs.

Lifestyle and advantages of biking clothes

Whether you are looking for the perfect gear for your next race, you just cycle on the weekend and want to treat yourself to a nice garment, or you need something comfortable for your daily commute, choosing the correct gear is essential but easy with adidas. The fabrics of our biking clothes have snug fits to keep you cozy and help sweat or rain evaporate easily, so you can have a comfortable ride in any type of weather condition. Most of our tops feature snap or zip closures that you can access easily, if you are getting too warm on the road.

Take proper care of your adidas cycling gear

It’s essential to take proper care of your adidas cycling gear, and this is why you should always follow the recommendations on the labels. A few general rules you should follow are to only use mild detergents and not set the tumble dryer on a high-heat setting. Air drying is also a great option for sports clothes. 

Cycling clothes Frequently Asked Questions

For road, gravel cycling and XC mountain bike, you need form-fitting clothing that won’t chafe, ride up or get caught. Some types of biking, like BMX, are fine with looser-fitting sports clothes.
A couple of strenuous rides and you’ll quickly understand the importance of padded bibs and shorts with gender-specific padding. You can cycle in normal shorts or joggers (avoid loose clothing) but may experience saddle soreness and chafing.
A bike helmet to protect your head is essential cycling gear. A water bottle for long rides. Nice extras: cycling glasses to protect from glare, dust and insects, and cycling gloves to prevent blisters and improve grip.