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Boys - Baby and toddler shoes & trainers

Get the comfort-conscious adidas boys babies and toddlers shoes that have double in-cushioning and straps to easily take on and off. These kid's sneakers deliver a casual, classy and sporty chic.
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Take care of your baby’s feet, with boys’ baby and toddler shoes

Ensure that your baby’s feet are being looked after, with the boys’ baby and toddler shoes collection from adidas. There's something for everyone with a wide range of shoes for toddlers and teens. Advanced sports technology across the collection means your child can stay comfortable throughout and avoid distractions that unsuitable shoes can cause. Sweat-wicking materials soak up moisture when your child perspires, so they remain dry for the day. Lightweight designs help to keep your kid on the move, by ensuring they don’t get weighed down by their footwear. Breathable fabrics promote ventilation in the shoes, so your little one’s feet stay cool. Enhanced grip ensures that your child stays on his feet when out playing, whilst cushioning helps protect him from injuries.


Shoes for baby boys and toddlers who are on the move

No matter if your little one needs a pair of boys’ baby and toddler shoes to play sport or just to wear around the house, there’s something for every child. The ideal gift for children that are adventurers, it helps to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. With a range of final touches on the shoes for baby boys and toddlers, they’ll be all set to go. Reflective details mean they stay visible when the lighting begins to fade. Easy on and off shoes help little ones who haven’t mastered shoelaces yet, whereas stretchy designs help to enhance comfort for your child so they can stay on their adventure for longer.


Babies’ shoes for all weather

Whether you need a pair of shoes for your kid for summer or winter, adidas has got you covered. Water-resistant and waterproof designs repel rain to help keep your kid’s feet dry. Quick-dry materials ensure shoes don’t stay wet for long, whereas insulation keeps your little one’s feet warm when they need it the most. The finishing touch of the 3-Stripes of adidas means you know quality hasn’t been compromised.