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Girls - Baby and toddler trainers

Our girls babies and toddlers shoes have straps and are light for enhanced stability and easy moves. The footwear is comfy with double cushioning and can also come in laces.
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Trendy tikes get kitted out with girls' baby and toddler shoes

Start their love of the 3-Stripes life early on, with adidas girls' baby and toddler shoes. Adult-identical in style, with the added convenience of easy-to-wear hook-and-loop straps and slip-on qualities, you can choose from a wide variety of cute and trendy trainers and shoes to get them feeling like a little superstar while they take first steps, jumps and runs. Choose textiles such as suede, leather, canvas and more and find soles that provide super traction to keep them on their feet during playtime.


Comfort and style, with shoes for baby girls and toddlers

Let the next generation step boldly and confidently into their futures with shoes, sneakers and trainers that were designed to give them the very best in footwear from the start. Be guaranteed that not only do your little one's shoes look the part, but their feet remain cool, as mesh uppers provide a lightweight, airy breeze. Taking the lead from skateboarders, runners, basketball players and other athletes, the designs of these shoes for baby girls and toddlers are relevant, easy to wear and deliver a huge dose of cuteness, too.


A rainbow of colour with girls' baby and toddler shoes

When it’s time to find the right colour for your adidas girl baby and toddler shoes, you will be spoilt for choice, as traditional pastel pinks meet neons, gender-neutral hues and classic black and white. In iconic styles such as shell-toes, Superstars, Gazelles, Sambas and many more, you can find shoes with electric pops of colour, go white with an iconic shell-toe or look for their favourites in fun primary colours. Whatever your little one's preference and age group, there is a pair of kicks with their name on it, popping with personality and waiting to introduce them to the adidas way of life.