Tennis outfits

With the apparel available in the adidas tennis outfit section you can get ready to step out onto the court with confidence, feel the support of breathable materials and stretch fabrics today.
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Build the perfect tennis outfit with adidas

adidas has everything you need to put together a variety of tennis outfits for matches, practice, or even just everyday wear. When you're out on the court you want to be able to move quickly and easily with complete freedom. This is always at the forefront of adidas' tennis outfits, which is why you'll find breathable materials, cut for movement with plenty of stretch on our website.

Men's, women's, and kids’ tennis outfits

Everyone can build their dream tennis look with adidas. You can find men's, women's and kids’ tennis outfits including tops, bottoms, dresses, and accessories. Many of our styles and colour palettes are available across ages and genders so the whole family can match on a day out at the practice courts. Whether you're a serious player who needs a variety of options for both training and matches or just love to hit the ball around with friends on the weekend, you'll love the support of adidas designs and technologies. With different options available for different weather conditions building your new tennis outfit is easy for everyone with adidas.

Get out onto the court in all weather

With plenty of different options for when the weather changes, building the perfect tennis wardrobe is easy. Check out our jackets and jumpers for when the weather turns a little colder or for your warm-up. Tops come in a variety of styles and cuts including long-sleeve, T-shirts, and sleeveless, as well as full-length and cropped options. You can find shorts in different styles for all ages and genders in comfortable cuts and soft materials. Always check the care instructions for each piece and avoid fabric softeners when washing to keep your clothes in their best possible condition for all your future matches.

Tennis outfits Frequently Asked Questions

• Shirt. Whether it's a sleeveless tank, a polo or a training tee, a t-shirt is a go-to top for most men's and women's tennis outfits. • Shorts or Skirts. Shorts are a popular choice for both men and women, especially in a more casual environment. • Dresses. • Leggings. • Shoes. • Socks. • Hat.
Tennis has you running, swerving and swinging, which means flexible comfort is key. Opt for a moisture-wicking tank top or short-sleeve shirt that's not too loose or too tight.
Traditionally, males are expected to wear a polo shirt, featuring a collar and short sleeves. Other styles have been popularised in recent years, including sleeveless shirts and ones without collars.