Tennis socks

Make sure you’re comfortable for the full game with tennis socks from adidas. Cushioning from heel-to-toe aids with comfort, whilst arch support helps protect your feet from aches and pains.

Improve your game with tennis socks from adidas

Say goodbye to painful feet after a long game of tennis, thanks to tennis socks from adidas. With a range of advanced sports technology used across the collection, you’ll be able to stay focused on winning the next point rather than being distracted by aching feet. Heal-to-toe cushioning helps to protect your feet from repetitive impacts during the game and also reduces the likelihood of blistering. Arch support can help improve blood flow to your feet, reduce friction and also reduce pains that are often associated with being on your feet for too long. Moisture absorbing fabrics top off the range by soaking up sweat so your feet remain dry.

Socks for tennis players who mean business

No matter if you’re playing on a grass court of a hard court, you’ll need a pair of socks for tennis which will stand the test of time. Our collection of tennis socks not only look great, but they also provide added protection against common tennis problems such as blistering and foot cramps. Choose between a selection of cuts that suit your style, such as low-cut, no-show or ankle socks. With the added benefit of socks being lightweight so you remain fast and snug on the court, adding that extra element of support, you’ll be all set to go.

Sustainability at the core of our sock range

We have a target to become a carbon neutral clothing manufacturer so we utilise recycled materials, such as recycled polyester, across much of our sock range. Using these materials, rather than virgin resources, helps us to reduce the amount of carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere as a result of clothes manufacturing. By making your socks last longer, you too can do your bit for the environment. Make sure you read the care label before the first clean so see how best to wash your socks and how to dry them.