Tennis t-shirt

Benefit from the superior comfort of a tennis t-shirt from adidas. Breathable designs stop you overheating, moisture management soaks up sweat whilst stretchy materials promote natural movements on the court.

Up your game with a tennis t-shirt from adidas

Take your game to the next level with the tennis t-shirt collection from adidas. Offering a range of designs for men, women and children, your whole family can take to the court in style. Advanced sports technologies ensure that you can stay focused on the game in hand without getting distracted by sweat and overheating. Breathable materials keep you cool by regulating temperature throughout the game. Sweat wicking fabrics soak up moisture from the off so you stay dry for the duration. Stretchy designs ensure your movements aren’t restricted so you can lunge for every shot.

Tennis tank tops for those that mean business

Whether you’re playing on grass, clay or a hard court, the tennis tank tops collection from adidas ensures you look and feel the part. With a range of technological benefits to help you perform to your optimum, our tennis t-shirt range is ideal for all levels of players that want to improve their game. With additional enhancements, such as mesh panels to aid with ventilation, you’ll keep your cool even when on a tie-breaker. Finer details, such as a built in padded bra, mean you can step out onto the court with confidence.

Serving up a sustainable sports collection

Rather than extracting virgin resources to produce our tennis t-shirt collection, we’ve used a range of recycled materials, such as recycled polyester so that our carbon emissions are lower. With some of the materials being plastic waste that is intercepted before it reaches the ocean, we’re also helping to reduce pollution in our seas. You can do your bit to help the environment too by making sure your tennis shirt lasts longer. Follow the care label before the first wash to see how best to wash and dry each item.