adidas Sportswear

adidas Launch 2024 Spring Summer ZNE image

adidas Z.N.E. In the moment

Sportswear gets a new stance. The new adidas Z.N.E. collection brings the comfort of sportswear into everyday life, allowing you to stay present – wherever the moment takes you.

Embrace the power of comfort

The world is changing – people are throwing out the idea that success and happiness have to come a place of discomfort and struggle. adidas' Sportswear collection was created to provide you with the maximum comfort possible, so you can feel free enough to unlock your inner creativity and power. Discover men’s and women’s activewear that is inspired by sport but designed for your everyday life.

Be comfortable, be you

Discover athleisure that will work with you to make your life easier instead of harder. Our Sportswear range takes everything we've learned from decades of sports and activewear fashion, and makes it all about you and your comfort. Made from comfortable fabrics and loose fits with ingrained sporty style, our extensive athleisure collection is designed to keep you comfortable, whether you're chilling out at home, meeting friends or setting yourself free at a festival. Don’t choose between looking active and fresh and being comfortable in your own clothes and skin, own your day with adidas’ athleisure clothes from the Sportswear collection.

Let the true you shine – in athleisure style

Comfort comes from inside – it’s about being confident in your own skin and having a state of mind that allows you to be yourself no matter what life throws at you. But inner comfort is also linked to outer physical comfort, and adidas’ athleisurewear is designed to give you that relaxed sporty style. Choose from men’s, women’s and kids’ sportswear, ranging from sporty laidback shoes to ultra-comfy hoodies, athleisure tracksuits and t-shirts with effortless style. Your wardrobe can say a lot about you, but the most important thing is that it moves with you to support you in your life, and adidas Sportswear collection has that firmly in mind. Live every minute of your life in head to toe comfort blended with sports style.