Shin Guards

You can be prepared for anything with our shin guards designed with a tough outer layer to protect you from the ball and a flexible, comfortable, inner material that moulds to your shin.

Dive into the action with adidas shin guards

You don't need to be tentative out on the pitch with our shin guards providing the protecting you need to attack the game with confidence. Our guards are anatomically designed with an asymmetrical look that moulds to your shins. Combining a lightweight feel with a sturdy shield, just because they need to be tough on the outside doesn't mean they can't be comfortable. EVA backing provides a cushioned feel against your legs that absorbs the impact of the ball so nothing can interrupt your play.

Football guards that keep you secure

Hook-and-loop straps keep them securely in place and let you adjust them as you need to. Ankle straps are a crucial addition to keep your shin guards in place. Some of our guards come with ankle straps attached, making it easy to keep everything together. If you prefer an option that doesn't have ankle straps attached you can find ankle straps from adidas that are straightforward to use and will keep your football guards secure. Some options also come with compression sleeves to wear under your guards that help keep them in place.

Maintain your play

They're available in a range of sizes so you can find the right fit for you. These guards help you keep up your best play so give them a little extra care to help them maintain their quality. After use, leave your shin guards to dry thoroughly and air out. The guards themselves should only be hand washed in cold water. Don't ever leave them to dry on a heater as this may lead to the guards warping.