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Adaptability and comfort are at the forefront of the NMD design, easy to slip on and off for life on the go. Enjoy the benefits of a shoe that supports you with all-day comfort.
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NMD combines old school vibes with futuristic advantages

Inspired by the energy and exploration of the '80s, NMD takes a look back in order to step forward. The range fuses modern-day materials with design elements inspired by the products and technology of the '80s. Made for those who love to get out and explore the many layers of urban spaces with curiosity and wonder, these shoes embody the past to help you build the future.

adidas NMDs keep you moving

Inspired by the notion of the Nomad, adidas NMDs are designed to be a comfortable, practical option for those who are always on the move. They're designed with flexible uppers so that they're easy to slip on and off. This makes it easy for you to be out the door the moment you're struck by the inspiration. With its classic snug fit and low-cut style, the range helps you feel prepared to take on whatever life has to throw at you.

For the explorer in all of us

There's an explorer in everyone, and with a wide range of style options, there's a shoe to explore in for everyone. Whether you prefer a purely functional look that gets you out and exploring, a bold creative statement for those who love experimenting, or a sleek, curated style, that explores what urban beauty really means. Sitting at the apex of old and new, local spaces and digital ones, NMD doesn't just contrast these experiences but brings them into harmony to create a shoe that elevates and supports you wherever your feet take you. Choose NMD and let your inner explorer shine.

adidas NMD Frequently Asked Questions

The way you lace your adidas NMD trainers can change up their look. For a clean and classic style, thread the shoelaces through the eyelets from the outside to the inside. Start at the bottom and work up toward the tongue, keeping the laces smooth and aligned. Skip the top eyelets to show off the tongue. Or lace all the way up if you like a more snug fit.
adidas NMD trainers are made in adult and youth sizes and run true to size. But different materials and designs can make the shoes feel tighter or roomier. The NMD typically has a stretchy upper that hugs the foot.
NMD trainers borrow technical innovations like adidas Primeknit and Boost from performance running shoes, but they're not designed for running. NMD's design also references archival adidas '80s heritage through details like colourful midsole plugs and transparent heel clips. They're streetwear shoes good for casual everyday wear and walking on city streets.