MYSHELTER winter jackets

Our MYSHELTER range offers a wide variety of jackets for outdoor activities. Made from modern materials that keep you warm and dry, they are also breathable, so you don't overheat.

Feel unstoppable in MYSHELTER jackets

MYSHELTER outerwear helps you to ward off cold and rain when you're training outdoors, hiking or indulging in your favourite outdoor fitness activities. You can get them in a variety of styles and cuts, some designed for general outdoor wear, with others aimed at specific activities like trail running. They range from light rain jackets to padded insulating parkas that cover you to your knees. MYSHELTER jackets feature intelligent proprietary adidas technology that keeps you warm and dry, directing airflow for breathability, so you don't feel stuffy when you exert yourself.

MYSHELTER outerwear applies outdoor tech to city living

You don't have to be a trail hiker or winter sports enthusiast to benefit from adidas MYSHELTER jackets. They're also created as city streetwear, incorporating all of our sporting technology. You can get simple waterproof jackets made from 100% recycled materials, with adidas RAIN.RDY construction blocking wind and rain. Our MYSHELTER outerwear has detachable overlays for additional waterproofing, with knit inner wrist cuffs to seal in warmth. Their padded compartments contain an advanced combination of adidas 80% duck down and feathers.

Always ready to go with MYSHELTER

These jackets are designed to be versatile and give you multiple usages. They're lightweight, offering low-bulk cosiness, and many have optional hoods that fold into their collars. The parkas can be folded up and carried with their built-in handles. They're also easy to care for, requiring no more than a machine wash on a delicate cycle – there's no need to iron. There are plenty of zip-seal pockets for small valuables when you're training or other paraphernalia if you're just going out socially.