Enjoy the supreme comfort of cushioned midsoles and the iconic style of the Forum look and tackle your day with confidence, whether you're strolling the streets or hitting the courts.

For expressing yourself every day choose adidas Forum

The adidas Forum line is all about bringing a space that lets your creativity and self-expression shine. The shoes dominated the basketball scene in the '80s with a unique design and premium features that made it a mainstay of the court and soon pushed out to the street. Staying true to its roots in the basketball community, the line continues to push forward as one of streetwear's favourite sneakers with a premium feel. A Forum is a place for people to come together and share ideas, to express themselves, that's exactly what the range symbolises.

adidas Forum women's and men's shoes

You can find sneakers for everyone in the Forum range with different options to suit your practical and fashion needs. With adidas Forum women's and men's sneakers available in a range of colour palettes and all new variations on the silhouette, it's easy to find a sneaker you love. With high, mid, and low-top options available, find your perfect fit or build out a collection with multiple designs.

Curated for comfort

These iconic shoes are curated with design and functionality in mind. Their Velcro ankle system supports the ankle while contributing to their iconic silhouette. Their midsole is constructed to reduce leg fatigue keeping you on the move, whether that's from the starting buzzer to the finish or from your morning coffee to dinner with friends. The reinforced toe and moulded heel supports each angle of your foot for easy comfort all day long. By stitching the sole to the upper, the shoes remain durable and reliable throughout the wear and tear you need to put them through. Help them last by keeping them in their original box and gently cleaning them with a washcloth and an old toothbrush if they get dirty.