Football socks

Our innovative design technologies transform our football socks from mere hosiery to game-enhancing essentials that no player should be without. Constructed for comfort, durability and protection, they are also engineered to transform your game.
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adidas football socks: you’re either prepared or you’re not

To play like a champion, every aspect of your kit needs to be championship calibre. The adidas collection of football socks was designed to prepare your feet for dynamic performance on any field of play. Our experts have blended polyester, nylon and elastane into resilient materials that offer persuasive comfort for tough days on the pitch. Compression zones at the arch and ankle courtesy of our Techfit system offer dynamic stability, while our Formotion tech mimics your natural motion to deliver enhanced responsiveness with each step/stride. This range covers, comforts and protects your feet. If you don’t know them then you don’t know true performance.

Insights into the dynamic characteristics of our football hosiery

Now you know what adidas football hosiery will do for your feet, let’s talk about some other characteristics. For example, the selection features home, away and third gear, profiling some of the sport’s most loved clubs and national teams. They are also available in lightweight, cushioned and padded versions. Sweat-wicking capabilities will dramatically improve your performance on firm, soft, turf and indoor surfaces. Take on your training days with renewed enthusiasm and inject your gameplay with a massive boost of confidence. Wearing adidas football socks, you’re primed to give only your best effort.

Our socks for football are ideal for all-season play

There’s a size chart available on our website, so you can identify specific models that cater to your measurements. Men, women and kids can experience the optimal levels of comfort and support endowed in our socks for football and enjoy the game during any season of the year. adidas football socks don’t come with a care tag, so only machine wash in warm or cold water with mild detergent. Line dry instead of using the tumbler and do not iron.

Football socks Frequently Asked Questions

Dedicated football socks are best because they provide extra grip between your shoe and your foot. This will give you more control and reduce blisters. They are also more breathable and often wick moisture away from your feet.
Football socks are also known as grip socks or knee-high socks.
Most players wear their socks as high as the knee, ensuring that their shin pads are covered. Some players cut small holes in the back of their socks to reduce pressure on calf muscles.