Football shorts

Built for comfort, speed and dynamic movement, this collection of adidas football shorts adds insane dimension to your game. Sweat-absorbing, lightweight and stylish, they allow you to unleash dazzling skill and finesse on the pitch.
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Experience the performance dimensions of adidas football shorts

Add dimension to your finely honed talent on the pitch by wearing adidas football shorts. Constructed with high-quality cotton, polyester and other blended materials, their reduced weight lets you move light, fast and deadly on offence and defence. Available in regular, slim and compression options for a comfortable fit, you can wear them extra short, mid thigh or knee length and experience the freedom of effortless movement. Ever stylish with loads of character, our football trunks also profile replica gear of championship clubs, with sweat-wicking capabilities you can rely on to produce your finest performance yet.

Our football trunks withstand the rigours of the game

We have built our reputation on delivering avant-garde performance athletic gear, which has revolutionised the sporting world. In fact, we expect you to put our football trunks through the most rigorous trials and exacting training methods on the pitch. Take them for a long run, an hour in the yoga studio or a couple of hours scrimmaging on the b-ball court to prove their comfort, durability and all-round flexibility are fit for duty come matchday. adidas football shorts share similar design specs and technologies as our professional apparel, so we’re confident you and your game will be impressed beyond measure.

Exciting shorts for football includes all genders

As the demands of the game change, we stand by our commitment to offering you quality athleisure wear, so you always perform at your best. Browse our shorts for football collection, where you’ll find exciting products for men, women, kids and unisex use in a range of comfortable sizes. To reap the maximum benefit from your purchases, always follow the instructions on the inside tag. This helps to preserve the colour and integrity of the emblems, keeping your shorts fresh over time.