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Look the part with football balls

Take on your opponent in style, with these football balls from adidas. Choose from a range of designs and colours, so you can look the part when you turn up for your next training session. The advanced technology used in the collection ensures you get the most out of your game, so you can improve as a player when you practise. Pick seamless construction, which helps you to work on your touch, or choose machine construction, which is a great option for younger players that want a lighter ball. A butyl bladder in many of the footballs helps the ball stays inflated for longer, so there is less time spent pumping it up. Superior materials, such as imitation leather, ensure that your ball last for the season and beyond.

Balls for football players

No matter if you’re playing in a big game, training or having a kickabout with mates, the balls for football range is suitable for a variety of occasions. A league football is perfect for 11-aside games, whilst a Sala ball is ideal for indoor games. If you’re heading out for the day and want a football for a kickabout with friends, then choose from the mini football balls range; they’re made of foam and are a great option. No matter your choice, the selection of footballs from adidas will help you to boss the midfield.

Iconic footballs that last the distance

With the 3-Stripes of adidas present throughout the collection, you’ll know that style and substance haven’t been compromised. This range of football balls from adidas is made for a range of seasons, too, with the winter ball being designed so that it’s bright and easy to see, even on dark and gloomy evenings. Complete your look with a pair of adidas football boots, which are the perfect addition to any footballer's wardrobe. 

Football balls Frequently Asked Questions

Leather balls were used widely until the late 1980s, when they were predominantly replaced by balls made of synthetic materials with similar qualities.
It is not clear who invented the very first football ball. The game has roots dating as far back as 4 millennia, with football-like ball games being played in ancient China, Greece and Rome. A football ball itself was mentioned for the first time in an English medieval book dating back to 1486.
The regulation size for a football ball is 22 cm in diameter, with a circumference of 68-70 cm. This is known as a size 5 ball, but smaller balls are available for children and for recreational purposes.