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Football gloves

Play with confidence with football gloves. Enhanced grip means you can handle the ball with ease, lightweight fabrics ensure you aren’t weighed down, whilst sweat-wicking fabrics keep you dry.
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Benefit from sports technology in football gloves

Up your performance with the football glove collection from adidas. Whether you’re playing in goal or as an outfield player, there’s a great selection of gloves suitable for every player. Advanced technologies ensure you can make the most out of your game, helping you shine throughout. Enhanced grip means you can handle even the trickiest of shots with ease. Cushioning offers a layer of protection for your hands, making you a match to even the most powerful of shots. Breathable materials promote air circulation, ensuring your hands don’t overheat. Sweat-wicking materials soak up every bead of moisture as you perspire, so your hands stay dry. Lightweight designs ensure you aren’t weighed down, so you can reach every shot.

Stand out during your match with gloves for football players

No matter if you need gloves for football for match day, training, or watching from the stands, there’s something for everyone. As useful for goalkeepers and outfield players as they are for fans, the adidas glove range has you covered. Easy to put on and take off, along with stretchy designs for a compact fit, you’ll receive the ultimate comfort from your football gloves. Final touches such as hook-and-loop closure mean your gloves will stay secure for the full 90 minutes.

Iconic gloves that are easy to clean

Our range of gloves sport the iconic 3-Stripes of adidas, so you can be sure that quality hasn’t been compromised. To ensure that your pair of football gloves last match after match, we’ve made sure that they are easy to care for too. The majority of our gloves should be washed by hand and left to air dry on a line. Before you clean them for the first time though, check the care label to ensure they are being washed and dried correctly. 

Football gloves Frequently Asked Questions

Once you’ve found a pair that you like the look of, make sure you get the right size. You can do this by wrapping a tape measure around the circumference of your hand, around the palm just below the knuckles (not including your thumb). Round up to the nearest inch, and then add another inch. This is the size you should get.
They should fit snugly but not be excessively tight. Too tight and your movements may be restricted, too loose and they move about when you’re trying to make a save.
Goalie gloves provide a much better grip, as well as providing cushioning and protection for your hand. General gloves for outfield players meanwhile will help keep hands warm, thus improving comfort and overall performance.