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Training Pants

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Training Pants

No matter what you need, we have the right product for you. The best type of training pants and bottoms, are the type that you never think about during your workout. The type that never stops you from your goals. No rips, no see-through bits, no squishing, sliding or anything of the kind. Just a workout that makes you feel natural, comfortable and confident. And that's exactly what the adidas training trouser collection for men, women and kids aims to achieve.

Choosing the perfect training pants

Comfort takes precedence here. If you're about to go all in, you don't want to be distracted by ill-fitting bottoms. Choosing something that will allow you too move freely is the key here. That doesn't mean you're restricted to oversized styles. The latest collection of adidas training trousers and bottoms come in a variety of styles and colours, mixing functional designs with durable materials. Choose from sweatpants, tracksuit bottoms or outdoor trousers.

Men's sports trousers

Designed just for men, these bottoms provide great support and ample room to make sure you're able to move freely. No matter what style you choose, just keep in mind that you don't want the bottom to go past your ankles to ensure you don't trip or get caught on any of the machines. The waist needs to also sit comfortably - not too tight, yet not overly loose. Find your perfect fit from our latest collection of men's training trousers

Kids' training trousers

The key for success is durability. Our girls and boys collection of training bottoms are functional, stylish and perfect for everyday wear. No matter what the schoolyard brings or where the next adventure takes them, rest assured that the latest collection of kids' adidas training trousers will survive the test of time.