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Weightlifting shoes for men


Men’s weightlifting shoes that help you raise the bar

If you’re looking for enhanced weightlifting support and stability, look no further than adidas weightlifting shoes for men. We offer a choice of designs, not only for their trendy looks but to suit different weightlifting needs. We have competition lifting shoes for men, versatile men’s squat shoes for your gym training and powerlifting shoes for men. They’re built to take extreme vertical pressure, with high-density die-cut wedge soles that not only add stability but can withstand repeated heavy loads without condensing and losing their shape. Elevated heels keep your feet in the correct position to avoid unwanted pressure on your lower back during squats, and they also provide all-important lateral support to further help guard against injury.

Weightlifting shoes for men; from beginners to competition lifters

Whether you integrate legwork like deadlifts into your overall weight training routine or are a competitive weightlifter, adidas caters equally well for everyone. The professional-level adidas men’s weightlifting shoes have woven uppers for added breathability and a flexible forefoot to prevent forward pressure from squeezing your toes. They also have inner reinforcements and TPU midsoles that are designed to withstand any compression caused by even extremely heavy weights. Extra grippy rubber undersoles provide the crucial stability you need to prevent slipping, especially during lifts like a split clean and jerk.

Style and cachet to go with your men’s weightlifting shoes

Weight training and weightlifting are serious training and competitive endeavours, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on sporting style. All adidas lifting shoes for men are boldly emblazoned with our famous 3-Stripes, to proclaim your taste in trainers. They’re available in a range of colours, from the classic black and white to neon colours and flashy modern designs.