Weightlifting shoes for women


Perfectly engineered, filled with strength and technique

Looking for a great pair of weightlifting shoes for women? If you are searching for ultimate support, stability and durability, adidas has a perfect selection. These shoes are specifically designed for maximum support; with their narrow fit that hugs your foot, the addition of an instep strap, integral heel support and inner reinforcements, you can never go wrong with adidas. Not only do they help with support, but they are also great for stability. Women's powerlifting shoes from adidas are designed with a die-cut wedge midsole that allows for optimal stability. Strength and technique; what better pair of shoes goes more ideally with your attributes?

Weightlifting with style – adidas

Want to stand out in the competition? Women's weight-training trainers will put you out there, with their fantastic colour scheme and effortless design. By showing off their streamlined silhouette, as well as their breathable woven upper, these shoes will make you feel confident but also stylish. With an array of colours and designs, weightlifting shoes for women have a little something for everyone's tastes. Sleek and slimline are just a couple of things that make adidas weightlifting shoes a must-buy for any woman in the industry.

The only shoes you will ever need for weightlifting

adidas offers a large variety of women's weightlifting shoes. Having been designed specifically for the sport, these shoes are perfectly equipped to suit your needs. These shoes give you flexibility with their durable canvas upper as you lift to new heights. Weightlifting shoes from adidas are made for maximum durability and are meant to last the full force of your sporting ability. Having both laces and a midfoot strap makes these shoes a dream to weightlift in, as all worry about your shoes is gone. Need a little extra confidence? With their stylish, reinforced, foot-hugging and narrow fit design, you will have all the confidence you need.

Weightlifting shoes for women Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to focus on deadlifting (or powerlifting) a deadlifting-specific construction with a flat sole is useful. For other types of strength training, squat shoes or heeled lifting shoes might be better. The heel helps you maintain an upright torso and proper form during deeper squats.
Wearing weightlifting-specific shoes can help you push through the floor more easily, which means more power.
The thick EVA foam cushioning on running shoes prevents full contact with the floor and reduces your stability. Weightlifting shoes can improve your performance and prevent slips and injuries.