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Basketball is a game defined by razor sharp agility and nimble footwork. Only the fastest thinkers with moves to match will consistently make it to the rim. adidas men’s basketball shoes bring that extra touch of dexterity and magic to your game. Our high-top basketball shoes offer better ankle support when you need it. adidas mid-top basketball sneakers support the ankle allowing more freedom of movement, and low-top adidas basketball shoes free you up even more so you can make some gains in agility, speed and flexibility. When the court calls, you need high performance shoes that do you proud. Look no further than adidas basketball shoes online.

Basketball shoes for men Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, basketball shoes can be worn in everyday life outside of the basketball court, and are durable and comfortable. Many people consider them fashionable and wear them in a variety of situations.
Basketball shoes are important when playing basketball because they are specially designed to allow you to sprint, cut and jump as needed on the court. As well as providing more support to your feet during these moves, basketball shoes are built to handle the pressure of doing so, unlike regular trainers, which may quickly break.
Most basketball shoes are made of a combination of leather, textiles, rubber and synthetic materials.