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Running · Sports Bras

adidas running sports bras provide the coverage and support that you need when you’re pushing towards your goals on the track. Our collection of bras for runners are all about making your next run your most cool and comfortable yet. Made to ensure you stay fully supported, with removable and non-removable padding options and a sizing range from 2XS to 2XL our range of running sports bras is made for runners of every shape and size. With features including breathable fabrics, mesh inserts, sweat-wicking materials and reflective detailing adidas bras for running have you covered. Keeping things under control where it matters and giving you the confidence to run your best and focus on your breathing, your speed and smashing your next goal.

Running Sports Bras Frequently Asked Questions

Studies have shown that a well-fitted sports bra with the right amount of support is good for breast health.
When you go for a run, wear a correctly fitted bra with a medium to a high support level, depending on your cup size and what feels best to you.
Wear a running sports bra as often as you like as long as it’s fitted correctly. Get your fitted in-store to ensure you are comfortable.