Handball jerseys

The range of adidas handball jerseys combines classic style with modern construction to provide the most stylish and comfortable fit possible. The sweat-wicking fabric keeps you cool and dry all match long.

Our handball jerseys offer a balance of style and performance

When you’re on the handball court, you want to be sure that nothing gets in the way of your concentration. That’s why you need the most comfortable handball jerseys possible. Our adidas handball tops are constructed from advanced, moisture-wicking fabric that draws any sweat away from your skin, allowing you to stay cool and dry no matter how intense things get. All the while, classic adidas style leaves you looking your very best, whether you’re heading to practice or getting ready for a match.

Reach peak performance, with these handball tees

Your clothes should always be holding you up and helping you reach peak performance, no matter what. Thanks to the careful construction and classic design, these handball jerseys will help you keep your head in the game. The last thing you want is to be fighting with your clothes at a crucial moment – the comfortable fit and lightweight design of these jerseys allow you to forget about them entirely. That way, no matter how hard you push yourself, your adidas handball tees will be right there with you.

From the court to the streets, these tees are by your side

There’s nothing more important than a comfortable fit when you’re on the handball court, but these adidas tees offer far more than just function and performance. With vibrant colours and touches of classic adidas style, like the Trefoil and 3-Stripes, these jerseys are the perfect addition to any active wardrobe, looking great on the court, at the gym or just hitting the streets with your mates.