Cycling t-shirts

adidas cycling t-shirts offer a cool comfort on your daily training or work commute. Perfect for exercise and casual occasions alike, you can find various styles and patterns on our adidas online shop.

Technologies and styles of cycling t-shirts

There are various styles of cycling t-shirts to choose from amongst the adidas range. If you prefer a cool workout on a hot summer day, a singlet top is just for you, with mesh that feels like a second skin and doesn’t distract you on the way to achieving your PR. If you are looking for something more casual, our crew t-shirts with various graphics made from recycled materials are great for on and off the bike. Whatever style you end up choosing, you’re a winner – our materials are lightweight and breathable.

Lifestyle and advantages of biking t-shirts

If you are a keen cyclist – regardless of your activity level – choosing the right gear for sports will be essential in order to achieve optimal comfort and your best performance. We have a vast range of biking t-shirts – singlet tops, long-sleeved tees, crewnecks, short-sleeved zip tees and more – and all of them have the benefit of managing sweat and enhancing your mobility while pedalling, all without distractions. They are perfect for indoor, road or trail cycling alike.

The use and care of your garment

If you want to keep your biking t-shirts and the rest of your cycling garments in optimal condition, you should follow the care instructions provided on the labels. We recommend washing your gear with mild detergent and lukewarm water. If you urgently need your cycling t-shirts and have to put them in the tumble dryer, make sure you set it on the cool setting; although, it is recommended you air dry your top.