FREE HIKER trail shoes

A range of trail shoes, including tough, lightweight trainers and rugged trail hiking boots. The FREE HIKER collection appeals to a spirit of adventure, supported by modern technology and materials.
The adidas TERREX Free Hiker lets you hike and trek the trail and the mountains in comfort. Take on the outdoors with ease in these adaptable and rugged hiking shoes. Go out there, escape the noise and stay comfortable.

The great outdoors beckons with FREE HIKER

You'll be so excited to try out your new FREE HIKER shoes. They're packed with advanced adidas technology and clever features to give you maximum support when the going gets tough. FREE HIKER features adidas Boost technology: thousands of tiny energy capsules that absorb kinetic energy when your foot lands, returning some of it to you on lift-off for a little boost with every step. They have Continental™ rubber outsoles for sure-footed grip in wet conditions, while their uppers are water repellent with a built-in EVA stabilisation frame.


FREE HIKER shoes; trail hiking to help save the planet

A majority of adidas FREE HIKER shoes are made with Primeblue. This is a high-performance recycled material that we make partly with Parley Ocean Plastic – plastic waste recovered from the oceans. Our polyester is also 100% recycled; we don't use virgin polyester at all. We also use GORE-TEX in some of our shoes, creating a membrane in the upper that adds both durability and waterproofing capabilities. The toe area is reinforced with abrasion-resistant moulded caps, to reduce the impact on missteps. An inner sock liner hugs the foot to prevent slippage, providing a secure, trustworthy fit.


Mix and match at your pleasure

FREE HIKER boots come in a range of colours and designs, from the archetypal all-black adidas look to more modern, vibrant colour combinations and profiles. You can choose a variety of ankle heights, from the traditional low-cut trainer style to sock-like, lace-free hiking boots for more extreme conditions. There's no need to slow down for the weather with adidas – you can hit the trail no matter the conditions.