A photograph from below of two freerunners dressed in Y-3.

Nature and the city collide.

Continuing to explore the concept of Contra-Natural, Y-3's latest drop brings together the synthetic environment of the city and the body's natural flow.

A photograph of a freerunner leaping athletically in front of a building.
A close up of a freerunner's body dressed in Y-3.

Freedom and lightness

Centering on a series of juxtapositions, adidas and Yohji Yamamoto highlight the tensions at the heart of Y-3: sport and boundary pushing design, organic and synthetic, linear perfection and natural imperfection.

Shot from below, a freerunner performs an athletic leap wearing Y-3.
A model stands poised atop a building wearing Y-3.

Perseverance meets composure.

The story of Y-3 SS24 Chapter 2 is told through the lens of freerunners as they navigate deftly through the metropolitan landscape, where every maneuver is a gesture of connection with the environment.

A freerunner performs an athletic leap wearing Y-3.

About Y-3

Y-3 brings sport-style to the street. Fueled by the innovations of adidas and expressed in the style of Yohji Yamamoto, Y-3 creates progressive apparel, footwear, and accessories – a vision driven by both the sports icon and the renowned designer. Founded in 2002, Y-3 established the category of fashion sportswear – one that it continues to redefine. Nineteen years later, Y-3's signature style combines engineered garments and intensive performance with Yamamoto's singular elegance and strong tailoring. The result is a modern uniform of the streets – designed in Japanese and German ateliers and intended for the world.