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FIFA World Cup™ balls

Al Rihla Pro Sala Ball
Al Rihla Club Ball
Al Rihla Club Ball
Al Rihla Club Ball
Al Rihla Club Ball
Al Rihla Club Ball
Al Rihla Pro Winter Ball
Al Rihla Pro Beach Ball
Al Rihla Training Sala Ball
Al Rihla League Ball
Al Rihla Training Hologram Foil Ball
Al Rihla League Junior 350 Ball

Begin your World Cup journey

Competitive sport is a journey, and the official World Cup 2022 ball is designed to reflect this. Made by adidas and named Al Rihla (The Journey), it symbolises the voyage the world’s top players have taken to compete for the highest accolade in international football, and the new journey they will embark upon in the tournament. The Qatar World Cup ball is designed to react directly and precisely to the player's movement and touch, turning your footwork into art.

Designed for excellence

Al Rihla’s revolutionary speedshell panels and grooves are designed to help the ball move across the pitch and through the air smoothly and accurately, so you can dream even bigger with your shots and plays. Its colourful white, blue, red, and yellow design gives the ball a stylish modern look, whether sitting on the ground waiting for kick-off or soaring through the air.

World Cup balls you can rely on

adidas official World Cup footballs are designed to be used by the top players in the world, and you can benefit from their exceptional quality too. Enhance your game using our balls emblazoned with the iconic FIFA logo and boasting unparalleled adidas craftmanship honed over the course of a century.

A diverse range of official FIFA balls

Choose from World Cup match balls as used at the tournament, as well as FIFA club balls, training balls, and more. Because they're used by the best, World Cup balls are crafted for durability, precision, and superior flight. adidas official FIFA balls are also available in a range of colours and would make the perfect gift for aspiring football players and fans of any age or playstyle.