What is the warranty on my product(s)?

Last updated: 15/10/18

Quality is paramount to us. We thoroughly test all our products in real-life conditions to make sure they are in the best possible position to stand up to the uses they were designed. But it’s an inevitable reality that products can get damaged on their way to the buyer.

If a product you purchased from our online shop has a quality issue and you want to return it, you must return it to the online shop. Once you do our quality assurance department will inspect it. If you want to return a product that you bought at one of our own stores because of a quality issue, you must return it to one of our stores in that country. The staff will inspect the damage.

You are refunded if we assess that the product was damaged during the manufacturing process, or if they are in a different condition to how they are supposed to come from the factory. We compensate costs for defective products.

We cannot compensate for products that were damaged for other reasons, including damage by negligence, misuse or wear and tear. We cannot compensate if the product was bought from anywhere other than our Online Shop or one of our official stores.

Please note the life expectancy of a product depends on the individual using it; their characteristic wear pattern and the conditions in which it’s used. Products damaged by normal wear and tear, or products that have exceeded their reasonable lifespan, will not be not replaced.

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