Can I cancel my online order?

Dernière mise à jour: 25/11/19
You can cancel online orders, entirely or partially, within 15 minutes of placing it. The button to cancel your order is only visible for 15 minutes within placing the order. If the button is no longer visible, you will not be able to cancel your order anymore. In that case, you can return your order to us once you have received it and then be refunded.

Steps to cancel your order
  1. Open the email we sent you to confirm the order to find the order number.
  2. Go to the order tracker.
  3. Copy and paste your order number into the ‘Order number’ field, enter your email address and hit ‘Track order’.
  4. Click the button ‘Cancel items’. This button is only visible for 15 minutes after placing your order.
  5. Now select the items you would like to cancel from your order, pick your cancellation reason and confirm your cancellation.
Once your cancellation has been processed (within 2 - 4 hours), we’ll send a confirmation email to the address you used to place your order. You will receive a refund for the cancelled products.

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