Your privacy at Adidas

Your data and adidas

To optimise everybody’s experience with us, we process personal details according to our Privacy Notice. This helps us display information that is relevant to each person, including products and offers that are available in their city.

How data is collected

Every pass helps you
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We collect data at various points of when you interact with us online. This includes when you actively give us data, such as when you sign-up or sign-in to your adidas account; and when you passively leave data, such as when you browse products on our website.

Why we collect data

Tailoring your perfect game

The more we know you the more likely we can deliver an optimised user experience with products and offers that are relevant to you. Your data is also used to confirm that it’s really you when you sign-in to your adidas account, as well as remembering things such as your preferences when you interact with us.

Your rights

Choose how you play at any time

If for some reason you feel uncomfortable with us having your data, you can always manage this by getting in touch. For full details, please visit our Privacy Notice.